Your Data

Your name, address & email address may be stored in a database to allow us to contact you for project management and billing. That's it. We don't contact you for marketing.

How is your data secured

The data can only be accessed over an encrypted connection from our offices.

Hosting your data with us

We can, and usually do host our clients' websites. We use server providers that store your data in the EU.
  • Your data can only be accessed from our office IP
  • Access to all data is password protected, even within our office
  • We use two factor authentication on our admin accounts which have access to your data
  • We use appropriate programming safeguards to prevent unauthorised access (hacking) of your data

Privacy policies from our hosting providers

  • TSO (client websites before 2017) View policy
  • Digital Ocean (client websites from 2017) View policy
  • AWS (large data storage, like images for our digital to print customers) View policy

Say Hello

We're always happy to chat about new projects. We're here during normal office hours and sometimes a bit later - give us a call.

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