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Terms & Conditions

  1. Desktop browsers: The site will be compatible with the latest versions of the following desktop browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari. The current and previous two versions of Internet Explorer will be supported. The site will be very likely to work on other and older browsers, though the experience may be less than optimal. If you need the site to work without error on any specific older browsers, then we can provide a flat-fee quote for that.
  2. Mobile browsers: On iOS the site will be optimised for and supported the latest Safari version. On Android, the latest versions of Chrome and the Android browser will be supported. The site isn’t tested on Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, or Firefox OS. If you need the site to work very well on those browsers we can provide a quote for that.
  3. Admin system: This will be developed with Google Chrome and will be supported on Google Chrome on a non-touchscreen device.
  4. Changes to the specification: We try to be flexible during the build process, so the site can change according to what’s going to work best for the end user. If these changes differ significantly from the approved functions and designs then we’ll advise about any increased cost.
  5. Product options and pricing: This tends to work best for the user, and makes it more efficient to program, if this is done before adding to the basket. If changes are required to product options, attributes or pricing after the product is in the basket, then this is additional work and we will advise any additional one-off cost.
  6. Postage options: JW Web will set up 1-3 postage modules based on weight or fixed price with differing options for delivery time. If more are required, or custom modules based on product ID, attribute or user location are required, then we will advise on any additional cost.
  7. Payment modules: JW Web will implement up to 2 payment modules as standard. If we’ve used them before, or the payment provider provides a module for the e-commerce site, then there won’t be any additional cost. If the code comes from the payment provider, then this code is provided as-is, without any warranty. This means if something doesn’t work with their provided code, then there may be additional costs for us to assess and fix the code. If we need to develop a module for use with your payment provider (if we haven’t used them before, or they don’t provide code), then you will be advised on the additional one-off cost.
  8. Importing of data: When we make a website for you, it can save everyone some time if we can import data from a spreadsheet or another database. If it’s not been included at the quoting stage and if we don’t have an importer already written for your data, or the data has a different structure (if it’s going into a custom table, or has different fields), then there will be a charge for writing the importer and preparing the data. The time it takes us to do this ranges from 30 minutes to 8 hours, so we can decide between us if it’s worthwhile. The time it takes depends on how many database tables your data spans.
  9. Data Input: If you don’t want or need an importer then we’ll just provide you with the CMS to input the data yourself. We’ll always a few of each type of data to make sure the system works correctly, after that we’ll leave it down to you to input the data. If you don’t have time to input the content yourself, then we can provide a separate quote for that.
  10. Worldpay : If Worldpay are your payment provider then it'll make your site setup take longer. Please ask about any increase on costs.

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