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Grange Print

Grange Print first approached us in 2011 to develop a website which would allow them to process orders efficently and compete in a busy digital-to-print marketplace.  We developed the first version of their website, later adding a mobile version as the device landscape changed.  We're now on version 4 of their website.  We have developed new versions as technology, requirements and trends have changed.


A digital-to-print e-commerce solution

What's this then?  We've developed a solution that allows Grange Print's customers to upload photos and preview their digital creations exactly as they are going to be printed.  After they've saved their order and paid, Grange Print's staff can then either edit the order, request new images, or download a high resolution print-ready file.

Long term order storage

We needed a solution which allowed Grange Print and their customers to edit or reprint their order for up to three months after the initial order date.  Putting over 2TB of data on the web server simply wasn't feasable, so we store the orders and the images in long-term object based storage (amazon S3).  This provides the flexibility required without being prohibitively expensive.


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