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JS Photo

JS Photo are one of Britains biggest school photographers.  When they first approached us to develop a website, we knew there would be lots of scope for making a website to make things easy for their customers.


Multiple Sites

JS needed different interfaces depending on their customers requirements.  We made the following separate websites for them:

Mobile First

Around 70% of JS Photo's customers use their site on mobile devices.  As part of the planning process we used a UI planning tool, Balasamiq to test potential layouts before coding and delivering to customers.  The results after launching the new interface gave better conversion rates and increased spending accross all device sizes, but the most noticable improvement was on mobile.

Automated Processing

All the photos that JS take are automatically assigned to pupil accounts by photographing QR codes which contain a unqiue pupil identifier.  The process reduces the chance of human error whilst providing a fast way for JS to deliver the photos to their customer's account.

API Integration

We developed an API to move photos from JS's servers to different places depending on the requirements.  The API means that JS staff spend less time looking for the photos and more time looking after customers.

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